SATC2 acx the web

May 27, 2010 by

As a 24 year old woman, I am of course very much excited to see Sex and the City2, otherwise known as SATC2. I’ll admit it, I’ve been counting down the days since Sex and the City 1 came out for the sequel. Today, I was doing a little research on the film in Google and Bing.

In my Google search with the acronym SATC2, page 1 consisted of both and, the imbd site with all cast, director, etc. information, a few blogs, the official twitter site, the trailers on youtube and vimeo, tickets being sold in advance on eventbrite, and a news review on MSN! Bing had similar results but was more news-site oriented.

My point here is that there a literally thousands of places and outlets to share content and promote inbound marketing for your product. The point is to target your audience and put your content out there in places where your potential customers hang out. It’s pretty safe to say that the SAT2 audience is pretty easy to target as it is huge (females from ages 14 – 60 across the US). However, for many SaaS solutions, market segmentation and targeting is not so easy.

OpenView Labs specializes in helping our portfolio by creating a competitive advantage for each one of them through content marketing. We started this initiative with a Content Marketing Forum in October of last year, and have since then run with it. We have even done it ourselves with our own blog and various social media pages. Kobie Fuller‘s interview on Vator. tv has also circled the globe with his discussions on the importance of the space and providing expansion capital to expansion stage companies within it.

Many CEOs that I speak with are awesome at developing and sales (most of the time), but when it comes to content marketing, they seem a little lost. This is where our marketing team, Amanda Maksymiw and Devon Warwick can really ad value. The more content you put out there the better your SEO and web presence will be, which will ultimately put you in front of the most customers and they will be coming to you!