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Since OpenView’s founding, we’ve made it a goal to not only invest in the best B2B expansion stage software companies, but to also grow the communities in which we invest. Today, we’re taking a big step forward with the launch of Austin, a new site dedicated to providing the best curated content and community […]

Recently, I read a great post by Andy Weissman that prognosticated on the future of startups’ organizational structure. Rather than building “full stack” businesses (organizations with a broad range of skills and the ability to manage every function in-house), Weissman argued we’re trending toward a “no stack” future where startups focus only on “the last […]

As firm supporters of the VC value-add model, we’ve long believed that providing training around key business functions like sales and marketing is crucial to the success of every expansion stage company, which is why we’re thrilled to host our fifth annual BDR, SDR and Inside Sales Management Workshop July 16th and 17th. Consider the […]

In a March 2014 article for the Wall Street Journal, Suzanne Vranica shared the results of a study that suggested the average tenure of a CMO was on the rise — improving from just 23 months in 2006 to more than 45 months in 2013. And less than a year later, Forrester predicted an even […]

We are proud to announce a new alliance with Startup Institute, an immersive career accelerator for the innovation economy. Startup Institute provides students with programs focused on sales, marketing, development and design all with an eye towards promoting a more vibrant and diverse tech community. This strategic partnership gives OpenView unparalleled access to a broad […]

Once again, we’re excited to bring you the Emerging Tech Roundup, a new podcast series launched in partnership with Boston-based Blue Hill Research. Each month, my co-host James Haight and I will be joined by industry experts and thought leaders shaping the future of business through emerging technology (see our last episode here). We’ll discuss where technology is headed […]

Do contrarians shape the world? I believe the case can be made that Steve Jobs, Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, and many others were contrarians at some point in their lives (maybe their entire lives). Their views were contrary to the everyday thinking but ultimately changed the lives of everyone around them. Peter Thiel, PayPal […]