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Inter-team Collaboration Can Improve Your Outbound Lead Generation

Although it can be a common pitfall at B2B expansion stage technology companies, sales and marketing should never operate in silos.

A functional outbound lead generation team can be a tremendous asset to an expansion-stage technology company. Having hundreds — and in some cases thousands — of conversations each month, the outbound lead generation team has a direct line to a high volume of prospects in your target market. This makes the function ideal for collecting insights on your company’s messaging and content, as well as perceptions and trends in the market.

Many companies overlook this fact — to the detriment of the outbound lead generation team and to the other departments that don’t view and leverage their insight as a valuable asset.

Many outbound lead generation initiatives fall short because the team doesn’t even collaborate well with the sales team, the primary beneficiary of their efforts.

That’s why managing collaboration between the outbound lead generation team and other teams/departments is so critical. When done well, it’s not just a win for the  lead generation team, but for the whole company. Marketing can leverage the team as an additional channel, sales gets a bigger pipeline, product can get additional insights to drive the product road map, etc.

Creating collaborative relationships with counterparts in other departments can benefit your lead generation team, as well.

Over my next five posts, I’ll write about what I think are the top five ways that an outbound lead generation team can collaborate with other teams to significantly improve outbound lead generation results:

  1. Collaboration with Sales
  2. Marketing Feedback Loop
  3. Collaboration on Events
  4. List Generation
  5. Designing Multi-Channel Relationship Marketing Programs

If you have any other suggestions or ideas on how outbound lead generation teams can collaborate with other teams in the organization please feel to share them in the comments.

Ori Yankelev is a Sales and Marketing Associate for OpenView Venture Partners, working with the firm’s portfolio on developing great business development and inside sales teams.