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  We’re excited to bring you The Emerging Tech Roundup, a new podcast series launched in partnership with Boston-based Blue Hill Research. Each month, my co-host James Haight and I will be joined by industry experts and thought leaders shaping the future of business through emerging technology. We’ll discuss where technology is headed and how it impacts businesses […]

Understanding the shifts in technology and the direct impact to consumer behavior should be on the minds of any entrepreneur whether large or small. At OpenView, we are obsessed with constantly educating ourselves on technology trends, and that led us to a presentation from  Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern and L2 founder, at the […]

By this point, the Internet of Things — or Machine-to-Machine Communications, or the Internet of Everything, or, simply, “IoT” — is a term most people are familiar with. Defined as a system where items in the physical world, and sensors within these items, are connected to the internet, you may wonder why IoT has only in […]

Up to this point, desktop virtualization has struggled to gain traction, but with new technology and increasing demand, that outlook may be changing. In fact, it could be the next big thing. It’s been a month since I started as an intern here at OpenView. Just one month in, and I’ve already seen and learned […]

Every year presents new technology and future possibilities that are initially difficult to comprehend, specifically when it comes to consumer behavior. Looking back on it now, 2014 turned out to be the year of mobility, treating the consumer as an individual, sharing economy, and data security. 2015 will be no different. From mobile commerce to natural language […]

IPOs are generally regarded as the idealized jackpot when it comes to venture-backed exits. That’s because going public, as opposed to being acquired, tends to offer superior growth opportunities and a shot at becoming a market leader as a standalone company rather than a component of another. However, there are other instances when an offer […]

Eloqua and Influitive founder Mark Organ shares his predictions for the rapidly evolving B2B marketing landscape. Where is B2B marketing headed? What trends should companies be taking advantage of today to to achieve rapid growth tomorrow? Entrepreneur and marketing pioneer Mark Organ has built his career on having smart answers to these questions, and those […]