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Sign-up for our Free Weekly Newsletter to get the best news ideas for building technology companies

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The transition from the startup to the expansion stage often signals significant changes across the entirety of an organization, and the board room is no exception. By this point many software companies have accepted a round (or two) of venture capital or outside financing, and that invariably leads to the Board of Directors becoming a […]

If your messaging is outdated, then your company’s relevancy in the marketplace might be, too. Don’t let a zombified value prop give your prospects the wrong impression. Every 3,000 miles or so, you pull your car into an auto repair shop, fork over $20, and watch as someone swaps out your car’s old oil with […]

I’ve been practicing scrum for several months now but recently had the good fortune of learning from Jeff Sutherland over a two-day Scrum course. In short, Scrum is an agile framework originally created with software developers in mind that organizes projects in small, iterative cycles and allows teams to measure their performance. If you’re interested in learning […]

At the expansion stage, B2B software companies are focused on two primary objectives: Getting more customers Getting more internal talent Here at OpenView, we are so committed to that notion that we’ve built an an entire investment support team that only focuses on helping our company in those two areas. Designing Your Organization Structure: Where […]

It seems like everyone is talking about burn rates this week. Several high-profile VCs have sounded the alarm (starting with Bill Gurley in the WSJ and then with Marc Andreessen going on one of his now patented “tweet storms”). While all of those guys have addressed some very real concerns (namely, that when the market […]