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Recently, I read a great post by Andy Weissman that prognosticated on the future of startups’ organizational structure. Rather than building “full stack” businesses (organizations with a broad range of skills and the ability to manage every function in-house), Weissman argued we’re trending toward a “no stack” future where startups focus only on “the last […]

In a March 2014 article for the Wall Street Journal, Suzanne Vranica shared the results of a study that suggested the average tenure of a CMO was on the rise — improving from just 23 months in 2006 to more than 45 months in 2013. And less than a year later, Forrester predicted an even […]

I recently read a post on TechCrunch from NextView’s Jay Acunzo about how “Director of Platform” is the hot new title in VC and why, going forward, it will allow investors to differentiate their value beyond capital. I agree with Jay’s core point, and I wholeheartedly welcome any VC embracing this approach — but I’d […]