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I’m not really sure what’s going in the enterprise software market right now. Over the last 18 months, I’ve seen expansion-stage valuations steadily (and, on occasion, precipitously) rise.I keep reading articles and statistics to the contrary, but then again, perhaps I’m just experiencing the misfortune of chasing deals that are overpriced. Or maybe I’m not. […]

In his book, The 4-Hour Work Week, I love the importance Tim Ferris places on being a “dealmaker” and his dealmaker manifesto: reality is negotiable. Unless you possess a hugely valuable technical ability, I believe that being a dealmaker and having the mentality that anything is possible (and the resolve to work your butt off to […]

I absolutely hate the term “networking.” Growing up, I had never heard the term and certainly didn’t use it as a verb in my daily lexicon. When I was in college, someone recommended that I read Keith Ferazzi’s book, Never Eat Alone, which I dutifully read and remember thinking how disingenuous it made personal interactions […]

Probably the hardest single aspect of my job as a venture capital neophyte is efficiently managing my time for the greatest productivity. Making great investment decisions is pretty hard too but as far as this post is concerned, we’re talking time management. I’m fairly certain time management is an issue for many people in many […]

Over the last year, I have found that entrepreneurs contemplating taking on expansion stage venture capital are almost universally concerned with the certainty of deal consummation after signing a term sheet. Here at OpenView, we aim to fund 100% of the companies with which we sign term sheets and complete our due diligence, but occasionally, […]