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What’s the ultimate goal of content marketing? To drive conversions. In this post, I’ve got three suggestions for how to help increase the odds that the content you create successfully drives the conversions that you are after. There are certainly many others, but the three listed below are an easy and effective place to start: […]

Incorporating influencer marketing into your content strategy is a great way to accelerate your content marketing efforts. The six steps below describe how to successfully identify and build relationships with the influencers who have the greatest impact on your buyers and how to incorporate them into your content marketing efforts. 1. Figure out Who Influences Your Buyers […]

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to work with a couple of young companies that were just in the process of establishing their content marketing programs. At both organizations, the executives had come to recognize the role that creating and distributing valuable content could play in generating and nurturing leads, driving conversions, elevating their brand, and […]

If your company is marketing anywhere outside of the United States, it’s essential that you take the time to customize your content and marketing messages for local audiences. Although we live in an increasingly globalized world where English has become the lingua franca and the international barriers that once existed are falling, that doesn’t mean […]

Like you, I’m no fan of having meetings for the sake of having meetings. They break up the day, all too often aren’t terribly productive, and can prevent you from getting your work done. Who has time for that? But here’s the thing, meetings are essential (especially for content marketing teams) provided they are focused […]

One critical aspect of content marketing is tracking and analyzing your results. The reality is that your content marketing program isn’t going to be perfect from the moment you build it. At first, you may struggle to consistently maintain your desired content rhythm and to get every piece of content out through all of the […]