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So you’ve been tasked with leading the re-design of a website, but you have no idea how to find a good web designer. Finding someone that is truly good can be an exhausting task, but it’s a vital step in determining the success of a web design project.

Over the past few years WordPress has quickly become the most popular publishing system on the web, powering 17% of the internet. Reputable brands have taken notice, and the number of large companies using WordPress to power their empires online is continuously on the rise. This list explores the noteworthy brands that leverage WordPress to […]

I’d like to share a few Blog SEO tips regarding how to optimize old (well written), underperforming blog post’s by performing a live experiment. I’ll be using an existing post from the OpenView Labs website, optimizing it, and tracking it’s performance here. Hopefully this will help you understand that new content isn’t necessarily where you […]

If you’re selling a product online, your website should be a major source of sales. Many companies with well designed websites have a clear product pricing strategy that is openly shared on a pricing page. It may seam reckless to openly publish pricing structure like this, but you may find that it’s quite beneficial.

Testing is a very important part of the web design and development process. If you’re a Mac based web developer then you know how difficult Internet Explorer Mac OS X testing can be. Luckily, there’s a free, easy way to do it thanks to Oracle VirtualBox. Follow these steps to incorporate Internet Explorer Mac OS […]

The indexed web currently contains at least 7.39 billion pages. That’s an insane amount of information to sift through, which is why good web curators are such an indispensable resource, and why B2B companies have so much to gain by making content curation a key part of their content marketing strategy.

These past few weeks I’ve noticed a large amount of PDF documents ranking very high in search engines. Generally speaking, there are a lot of crappy websites out there that regurgitate information to people. In general, PDF documents that you find on Google provide a better source of quality information on a given subject. I […]

If you’re wondering how to find PDF files online consider using the Google filetype search operator. Depending on what I’m looking for, I often find that PDF’s can be a better source for information than traditional websites. Many of them are created by academia, or other reputable organizations, and the quality and quantity of information […]