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Today we are very pleased to announce that Barracuda Networks, Inc. [NYSE: CUDA] has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire OpenView’s portfolio company, Intronis, a market-leader in providing data protection solutions to MSPs. The acquisition is set to expand Barracuda’s reach into the channel with the addition of Intronis’ 2,000 MSP relationships. Intronis became […]

Last year, Skytap, a provider of on-demand cloud environments-as-a-service, decided to overhaul its go-to-market strategy. The company was looking to transition from a transactional sales model, which focused on small and mid-sized customers, to a model that would allow them to target larger enterprise clients. While some growing pains were expected, Skytap had a lot on the […]

Since OpenView’s founding, we’ve made it a goal to not only invest in the best B2B expansion stage software companies, but to also grow the communities in which we invest. Today, we’re taking a big step forward with the launch of Austin, a new site dedicated to providing the best curated content and community […]

Recently, I read a great post by Andy Weissman that prognosticated on the future of startups’ organizational structure. Rather than building “full stack” businesses (organizations with a broad range of skills and the ability to manage every function in-house), Weissman argued we’re trending toward a “no stack” future where startups focus only on “the last […]