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OpenView is pleased to announce the addition of Rufus King as our first Chief Legal Officer. A venture lawyer by trade, Rufus brings over 25 years of experience spanning work in both the academic and private sectors. In his role as Chief Legal Officer, Rufus will work to further improve OpenView’s legal processes while facilitating interactions between our portfolio […]

Today we are very pleased to announce that Barracuda Networks, Inc. [NYSE: CUDA] has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire OpenView’s portfolio company, Intronis, a market-leader in providing data protection solutions to MSPs. The acquisition is set to expand Barracuda’s reach into the channel with the addition of Intronis’ 2,000 MSP relationships. Intronis became […]

Last year, Skytap, a provider of on-demand cloud environments-as-a-service, decided to overhaul its go-to-market strategy. The company was looking to transition from a transactional sales model, which focused on small and mid-sized customers, to a model that would allow them to target larger enterprise clients. While some growing pains were expected, Skytap had a lot on the […]

Since OpenView’s founding, we’ve made it a goal to not only invest in the best B2B expansion stage software companies, but to also grow the communities in which we invest. Today, we’re taking a big step forward with the launch of Austin, a new site dedicated to providing the best curated content and community […]

Recently, I read a great post by Andy Weissman that prognosticated on the future of startups’ organizational structure. Rather than building “full stack” businesses (organizations with a broad range of skills and the ability to manage every function in-house), Weissman argued we’re trending toward a “no stack” future where startups focus only on “the last […]